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A Kinder Way to Say Goodbye!
Dr. Karen Randall of Edina, MN is one of a small but growing number of veterinarians who provide end-of-life care and euthanasia services in the homes of her pet patients. According to the StarTribune.com: Randall started her business, Solace Veterinary Hospice, when she moved to Edina from Wyoming in December. At her previous veterinary clinic, she said, many pet owners requested in-home euthanasia and health care for their pets. Randall sensed that pet hospice care was what her clients were looking for. When she visits a new patient for the first time, Dr. Randall evaluates the animal and performs a physical exam. She talks to family members about their expectations. Then she puts together a care plan that might include prescriptions, physical therapy and/or other treatments. The goal is to make the pet patient physically comfortable and pain-free to insure a good quality of life during his or her remaining days. For some pets, pain management only lasts for a few days prior to death or euthanasia. Other pets have received months of good quality life back. When the time comes, Dr. Randall can also help patients depart this world peacefully, at home, surrounded by family.
Jun 29, 2011
Performing a Home Wellness Exam on Your Pet
Watch this video http://tinyurl.com/examine-your-pet to see the details of how to examine your pet!
Dec 12, 2009