Everyday there are so many precious dogs and kittys that are abandoned, lost, or have lost their owner and become unwanted. We have a remarkable history of finding homes for most of these wonderful little pets thanks to Your DONATIONS of money, food and supplies, toys and blankets, or your time. Today, you can make sure that our work continues, that we can spay or neuter to prevent more unwanted animals,  provide medical care and provide loving homes through giving from your heart or your pocketbook.

Our Wish List other than monetary donation:

Kitten canned and dry food   "pate" type canned, easier for kittens

Cat canned and dry food   Many of our foster home use Kirkland Premium cat food. (Costco or Nex-Dor tobacco store in North Bend)

cat litter, clumping or clay

Toys (dog or cat), leashes and collars    

Postage Stamps

Used Ink Cartridges

"Weight Circles" from Purina dry cat or dog food

Canidae or Felidae UPC codes from dry food or cases of canned food

Natural Balance, NUTRO Brand  UPC codes


Grange Co-Op in Coos Bay will accept donations for us.


***We want it to be easy for you to contribute monies, pet supplies or your time to our heartfelt cause by offering several ways to DONATE:

  • Click the DONATION button below and make your contribution through PayPal. You don't need an account there, but we use their services to be able to take credit cards. Our pay pal account is
  • Contact us and let us know how you would like to DONATE.
  • Visit us at our Booth at Pony Village Mall on weekends.
  • If you wish to DONATE  using your credit card, please use the Button here.
  • A check can be made to FOCCAS PO Box 911, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420 

                                    thank you






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