SPECIAL NEEDS Chihuahua Mix

SPECIAL NEEDS...WE ARE STILL WORKING ON HIS SKIN CONDITION. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HARLEY PLEASE CONTACT US. WE WILL CONTINUE TO HELP HIM................... aprox birthdate is: 4/13/2009 weight 14#'s. His adoption fee is $150.00 The adoption fee includes neuter, da2pp vaccine(s), bordetella vaccine(s), rabies vaccine, dewormed, flea treated, 24PetWatch microchip with registration, free 30 day Shelter Care pet insurance, free vet wellness checkup with a choice of 13 veterinarians, Coos County Dog License, doggy goodie bag, leash and collar............ADDITIONAL MEDICAL. Many vet exams and medication. We are still working on a solution. on 7/22 Dental done with 6 extractions, CBC/chem 6 bloodwork, Several skin tags removed (one was a hanging thick tag as big as a golf ball), Harley came into our local municipal animal shelter as a stray. His family was found and contacted and they did not come and get him. Thank goodness. Foccas took him into their foster program and went directly to the veterinarian. His skin is from neglect probably a skin infection years ago that was never treated. His ears were infected too and cleared up with medication and care. His foster home is medicating him with whatever the vet recommends at the time. We keep trying different things to make him comfortable. medicated baths (ongoing), prednisone (on and off as he improves or not), cephalexin, ketoconazole. We have had him in our system since 4/13/2016. He has been to the vet multiple times. He is improving greatly, but you would never know unless you saw him the first time. His skin was like dinosaur leather, thick and stiff. His skin reeked from bacteria and yeast invading his skin and ears. It is so sad with his personality because when you hug him and want to kiss him he pulls away and will not let you, like he has never had any human bonding affection. The foster parents can pick him up and carry him and then will give him quick kisses on the back of his neck. He also LOVES to cover himself up in a blanket, even on hot days. Well ,we are on the Oregon Coast so for him a hot day might be 70 degrees. He will totally twist and move around so he is encased in a blanket. His foster home has 6 other dogs, small and large and cats. He is fine with all animals. Maybe get grouchy when one gets in his face to play or be nosey. .....................................................................


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