Our Mission and Goals

Friends of Coos County Animals, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, and specifically to support and enhance services for the Coos County Animal Shelter including organizations and causes that promote animal welfare.


Our Goals


  • Provide foster homes for unwanted pets. These animals may be from the Coos County Animal Shelter, owner surrender and stray.
  • Provide all medical care,food and other needed supplies for the animals in the FOCCAS foster care program.


  • Showcase and adopt animals to the public via our Adoption Booth at Pony Village Shopping Center in North Bend, Oregon. During the year we are also attending county festivals and other events throughout the year. The pet adoption consists of an interview/application, contracts to sign and follow ups after the adoption. We also require animals to be returned to us if in the future the family circumstances change and they cannot keep the pet. We do our best to make the right match for the family and for the pet.  


  • Provide for the Coos County Animal Shelter items/care they need for the animals that are not in the County Budget. We provide funding for the dog and cat vaccines and the Hills Science Diet Shelter food program.
  • Volunteer time to the Coos County Animal Shelter for routine duties.
  • Promote the shelter plaque program to raise funds for vaccines.


  • Provide dog or cat spay/neuter vouchers for families meeting the criteria and when funds are available.


  • Build public awareness as to the human/animal bond and its benefits to society.
  • Work with other animal rescue organizations to find homes for dogs and cats in and from Coos County and other surrounding counties.
  • Educate the public as to the responsibilities of pet ownership in an attempt to alleviate unwanted pets.
  • Coos County Dog Licenses are available with proof of Rabies vaccination at the  FOCCAS adoption event locations, Coos County Animal Shelter, Hanson-Meekins Animal Hospital and the Coos County Courthouse. Keeping  a collar on your dog with their license, ID  and rabies tag will assure you your pet will be returned to you if lost then found. 
  • Educate the public about animal issues such as: Pet Overpopulation and Euthanasia, Spaying/Neutering Animals and Animal vaccinations.
  • Search for and apply for Grants and Donations for animal welfare.


  • Work towards becoming a NO-KILL NATION.